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Vote for the Cover Shot for the first edition of our magazine (Fall 2017):


Yes, that’s correct. We are planning on printing a real life magazine… Well, sort of.

We have to admit that we’re new to this publishing thing, and it may not all look perfect. However, we promise you this… Nothing we do will be half-assed. If something is different, wrong, or flat-out ugly, we probably made a mistake. We are totally prepared to admit all of them (we make a lot).

We also promise that no mistake will be made twice. Since we’re used to fucking up, we are eager to hear about it, and always ready to improve. Tell us what you think. We always include a comment box at the bottom of the screen, and can’t wait for you to give us shit to talk about.

And finally, we promise that by voting for this Fall 2017 Cover Shot, you are lending a hand to the creation of a New Jersey surfing magazine that will be made by surfers, for surfers.

By visiting our website, and by purchasing our magazines and clothing, you are making this all possible. We hope our passion for creativity, new information, and pure love we have for surfing will shine through our words as your read them, and the photos as you gaze upon them.

So please, vote on.



Also, for some reason this describes how we are feeling right now…



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