August’s Post-Tropical Cyclone: ISAIAS

Here’s how Isaias shook out for the East Coast…

There’s no denying the Tropical Storm Isaias era of this Summer 2020 provided for East Coast surfers. In the week before Isaias, there was a 12-second, ESE swell that ignited an end-of-July & early-August surf fest. Isaias was lighting up Florida & the Southeast as NJ received fun, chest-high South swell conditions before the day of the storm.

However, once the shit winds started howling in NJ it was clear the swell would be a tricky one. In NJ and PA, there was mass flooding and tornado-style winds with enough strength to flip cars and tear down infrastructure.

After I took my outdoor lights down, secured the grill, and battened down all hatches, the sun came out. The wind howled Southwest and begged the question to surf right away or wait for a possibly better window? For myself, I met in the middle of that conversation. But, by the end of the day it was clear that windy, low-tide conditions provided tube time for those involved. The evening went wonky with full-moon, high tide as well as more Southwest wind.

Photo sequence of the day occurred during a particularly hollow, and offshore part of the afternoon (click the gallery to see the whole seq):

The photo gallery below follows the afternoon in Monmouth County, NJ on the day of Isaias. Some of which will wind up in a future issue of RSMsubmit your photos here for print.

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