Just for Kicks: Cariuma Shoe Review

We’ve reviewed music, movies, television, sports, games, surf products, people’s surfing, and more. So, a shoe review didn’t seem too far out of the ballpark. This “Just for Kicks” and any future shoe review we do are 1) for fun, and 2) to highlight what we felt after researching the company and wearing the shoe.

This time it is Cariuma.

I heard about this brand from my buddy Zack. He told me they were a sustainable shoe brand from Brazil–but had a worldwide presence. I figured Zack, having worked for a local ocean conservation group, knew what he was talking about. So, I followed through to see what the brand was all about.

I tried to sell Cariuma’s team on an Advertisement in Rambler Surf Magazine. But having a heavy focus on organic media (not print advertising), the lovely PR lady Michelle had an idea that might work for the both of us. She sent a pair over, asked if I could review the shoes, and if I did suggest readers to buy–they could support both of us.

The shoes were cool. Check out the shitty pics of them on my feet.

My one complaint is that they sent me the least “manly” pair. However, having a pair of all white shoes brought me back to the days of wearing white Air Force 1’s. Plus, having all white shoes in your arsenal can be helpful at times. I’m envisioning the stereotypical beach photo shoots or donning an all white outfit for rum buckets at the beach bar.

Otherwise, the shoes are lightweight and inherently comfy. I was able to wear them with or without socks, which was nice. I often wear skate shoes and these seemed a notch more curvy than Vans. However, I did skate in these a bit and they felt decent. I think Cariuma is more of a walk-shoe for hanging out, going to dinner, events, etc.

They definitely make me look good (wait that’s all the time). From pictures, all the other shoes they could have sent me look way cooler. For example:

Shop Now!


Shop Now!

They have plenty of options for Women and Men. Honestly, I think chicks might like these shoes even better.

Otherwise, they boast crazy shit like shoes “made from Bamboo charcoal and RPET, that’s 40% lighter than the competition.”

Overall, I liked the shoes. They were comfy and lightweight. I back Cariuma’s stance on sustainability. So, between being a cool company with a good product, I’ll give Cariuma’s OCA Low in Off White Canvas a 4.6/5.

Some final facts:

Cariuma works exclusively with ethical factories and clean tanneries, sources only natural, premium materials and recycles and reuses 100% of the water in the process. All shipping is carbon neutral and our single box shipping method is crafted with recycled and 100% recyclable materials. Every vendor who works with Cariuma has to sign a strict ‘Code Of Conduct’ and comply with fair wages and conditions for all their employees. Even using premium materials that cost an average of 35% more to create a Cariuma product, their kicks are still accessible, ranging from $79- $159, with a 50/50 split between men and women.”

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