“September” Short East Coast Surfing Film

September 2017 was something that may have never happened before and may never happen again. I surely cannot remember a run of swell like it. And as I talk to more surfers who are more experienced than I, the consensus is majorly the same.

Whether this past month is a precursor for what’s to come (Please Lord!) or the East Coast is doomed to lay dormant, the film below is a great memory of how many good waves there were in such little time span.

The surfers in this film scored big time, and the photo/videographers who captured this did an awesome job putting it together.

The video begins in New Jersey, and as per usual Jersey surfing edits entail awful music. It’s some EDM/mixed electronic bullshit, that video editors seem to love. The film starts slow, one because  Jersey gets portrayed in this weird light due to the music, and two because the surfing was good and deserved better tunage.

However, the surfing stays consistently sick throughout the movie, and the music gets better! Brett Barley and the OBX crew score the hardest in this edit. Can you argue with a 3-tube wave from Barley’s mouth mount? Our crew can’t say enough about Hatteras, as we are frequent visitors, campers, and drunkards of the area. Really happy the spot is getting attention for being world-class, but bummed the lineup may get more crowded (don’t go).

The ending New England footage is pretty damn dreamy, and features the heaviest tune of the edit. The water-shots make it, and the wave looks crazy and different from what anyone else on the East Coast surfed during September. Word has it that our friend Ryan Simalchik was heading up there, and I knew immediately that his crew would score. Ryan froths on going to surf and film up in the Clam Chowder region, and judging from the video he got, his predictions were validated.

So without further ado, here is the 12-minute film, September, for your viewing pleasure…

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