Mid-April Swell Gallery

Spring Fever had East Coasters’ ears perked for a few fleeting moments. The nostalgic feeling of warmth floated back into our lives only to be stripped away by whipping winds. For 48 hours, Jersey experienced late-Spring conditions; in another 24 the pleasant weather felt like a distant dream.


While Sally sat pissed she missed her Sunday stroll, surfers salivated… Intense breezes and big surf battered stagnant sandbars, and Jersey’s best breaks were given a proper shake-up.


Winter Storm Xanto did not bring snow, ended up blowing West, and sent spacious barrels for all who followed the storm’s path… We’re definitely not pissed about it.


Wishing all the East Coast dedicated a heartfelt, “Hope you scored.” We sure did, and below you’ll find a few pictures to prove it.



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