Good Old Weekend Trip South


Get drunk with a the “pros” at the Belmar Pro during a 60-degree rain storm with 20mph East winds, or send it to beautiful North Carolina for the weekend. The choice was easy.


There is nothing better than driving along Route 12 and pulling over on a random beach to score an empty peak with your best friends. So, that’s what we did… all weekend long. In between sessions we took long, cold showers, drank Bud Light with kind, Southern strangers on the campground, and planned our next “mondo” session as Harrison would say.


Hunter chatted with everyone that looked our way, and luckily enough, Southern folks love that shit. We met awesome locals who bought the beers, surfed and camped alongside visitors from other faraway lands, and learned a thing or two about ourselves as we wiggled through it all. As always, OBX magically produced. We wish this land of plentiful surf the safest course as Florence continues to spin. The people who live on the Banks are the raddest of all time, and we hope y’all stay very safe. Nothing but love, until next time <3


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