Freedom of Choice


If this video teaches us anything, it teaches us that Freedom of Choice is completely necessary. Sometimes, a byproduct of the Freedom of Choice can amount to completely unnecessary DEVO music videos–which is frickin’ amazing.


In the words of these wise individuals: “Freedom of Choice is what you want, Freedom of Choice is what you got.” On June 21st, Spring 2018 edition of Rambler Surf Magazine will wear a cover shot of the people’s choosing.


We’re putting up 7 photos of East Coast waves which broke after 2018’s Vernal Equinox and before her Summer Solstice.  In traditional American tradition, we will ask those who take pride in their great country to vote for the upcoming magazine’s cover. And, let’s just say the magazine’s creators are the Electoral College (;


So, please, cast your vote below. And remember, every vote counts with us.



PS) If you didn’t notice we aren’t tagging any photographers or surfers. Also, we aren’t allowing any comments, tags, noise, etc. that might sway public opinion. Please, vote for your favorite photograph to represent Spring 2018 and wait for the results.

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