“Elysium” by Quentin Turko

It’s still cold in Jersey, the waves seem to be fading as Summer nears, and that has me missing my favorite East Coast surfing arena–The Outer Banks.

Scrolling through IG today, I came across an excerpt from this dude, Quentin Turko’s, new edit. It immediately made me think… I wonder what today looked like down South? There was probably a surfable wave on the banks, it was probably 10+ degrees warmer, and if nothing else I could probably have caught a big, old Red Drum down there today.

It bums me out to be in a place where waves are not the norm. However, thoughts of OBX have me ready to go camping, surfing, building fires, and drinkin cold ones with friends sooner than later. However, until it’s time to roadtrip, I’m day dreaming watching clips like the one above. Enjoy…

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