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Shark Week: Dorsal Drip

Jawsome paraphernalia for ocean-goers who want to pay respect to the Gs of the sea. By: Britt Mattie (somewhere elsewhere – @_bmattie_) Nightmarish predispositions of the slippery taxman were placed in our heads back in the summer of ’75 when JAWS hit the big screen. In the wake of its manic response, Hollywood and media-driven paranoia […]

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Huge Shark Off Point Pleasant Coast

These dudes are stoked! Lucky they had their sea legs and “big nutz” when this shark came boatside. On Tuesday, The crew of Big Nutz Requied II fucked around with a 16-18 foot shark 30 miles Southeast of Pt. Pleasant, NJ. In full-on Jaws-like fashion the shark circled the boat for nearly an hour, bit […]

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